The Real Story of the Hard Rock Gods- FOZZY

  This is probably a hard rock band you haven’t heard of. Here is a little background to the heavy metal gods. FOZZY is homage to the comedic rock band, Spinal Tap and the “hair” bands of the eighties. It is a pet project of professional wrestler, Chris Jericho and alternative rock band, Stuck Mojo. The pairing of the band and wrestler has been for some time. To get away from their other occupations, Jericho and Mojo sing classic rock anthems. The East Coast small club seen has embraced FOZZY for years. The full name of the band is Fozzy Osbourne. The shortening of the name came to not confuse rockers with Ozzy, himself. All the members of the FOZZY have alter egos ala Spinal Tap. On the stage, there is no Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo. The band’s names are: Moongoose McQueen, Duke Larue, Shawn “Sports” Pop, KK Laflame, The Kidd, and Arthur. Like the comedic legends, Spinal Tap, FOZZY has their little story.

  Fans remember this little fact, if you were to run into the band, FOZZY, they are not Jericho and Stuck Mojo. They take their personas very serious. In fact, if you mention Jericho to Moongoose McQueen, he will insult the wrestler and you for mistaking him for the wrestler.

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